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March 31, 2015
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April 13, 2015
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OK so I just do not like any of the driving sims available for iPhone!
The graphics are great on RealRacing, but the physics just are NOT any good at all.
SO, I decided to write my own driving sim for iPhone, and here it is!
It is called Stradale, and it is at the App Store now.

The physics are as realistic as those in X-Plane, with engine power, transmission dynamics, tire cohesion, aerodynamic drag, and aerodynamic downforce all accurately modeled. It was especially fun making the traction-control, anti-lock brake, and stability-control systems… which I had to program just as if I were writing code for a real car! Remember, since the physics are real, and the cars have well in excess of 500 horsepower, they naturally want to spin the wheels, and ultimately the cars, in every acceleration or turn! All the physics are accurately simulated, so to the dynamics that would result in reality also result in the sim!

So, to keep the handling of the simulated cars as manageable as the real ones would be, I had to add automatic throttle reduction and per-brake application to manage the traction control (apply brakes on any spinning tire, reduce throttle if BOTH tires spinning) anti-lock brakes (reduce braking application on any tire that is locking up) and stability control (compare what the car is ACTUALLY doing to what the driver WANTS it to do based on steering input, and apply brakes as needed on any wheel to try to bring the ACTUAL results to the DESIRED results… an impossibility, of course, on wet, sandy, or icy surfaces… all of which are simulated in Stradale).

Once I had the physics and stability control all dialed in, it came time to make the TRACKS!
I decided to make the most fantastic tracks that I could dream up. Tracks that… COULD exist… with REALISTIC physics to drive through them.

Like all of my apps, this is not a game: It is a simulation of what could actually be if only we dared to build it.