From studying the loss of N515DL, I have learned some things about how ice affects aircraft performance.
June 4, 2021
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OK, this is just plain funny.

OK, this is just plain funny.

So I’m sitting here going thru my email while I work, same as always, and I get this slightly-panicked email about X-Plane piracy or plagiarism. Email title: “use of unlicensed version of X-plane and plagiarism”

It happens pretty often: Someone is selling pirated X-Plane on some pirate web site or something, and some customer tells me, hoping that I can find a way to shut down the pirate bay or something. I usually just send a polite reply that I appreciate their concern but just can’t shut down pirate sites, and even if I found a way to get an account on a file-sharing site taken down, they would just pop up again under a different name the next day. But this email… well it’s just funny enough that I just have to share it. I provide it below in its’ entirety, un-edited. Feel free to draw your own conclusions:



It came to my attention that most of the developers and designers working on Microsoft Flight Simulator are using X-plane on a daily basis. Because of their lack of real life reference for most of the planes they decided to use the sim and different modes as a source of information to design their own game.

The description I got of their work clearly describes an act of plagiarism. As a long time fan of your sim and a game creator myself I believe you should be aware of that.

Moreover, all the licenses used by Asobo and its employees are personnal licenses that only allow the use of the sim at home.

All my informations come from internal sources that I prefer to keep anonymous but I can guarantee that everything is true as described above.

Best regards.


Precisely like Elon Musks’ tweet in reference to a Chines Tesla owner admitting that he was just PRETENDING to have a brake failure in his Tesla to get attention on YouTube, I shall now answer this email, with my response also being aimed as Asobo and Microsoft: