September 4, 2015
How They Lie to You
September 6, 2015
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Global Warming

Since 1958, scientist Charles Keeling has been measuring atmospheric CO2 levels from an observatory on Mauna Loa in Hawaii.
Those measurements are still going on today.
Here they are: (click for full-size)


The tiny oscillations of the lines are due to plants eating CO2 in the summer, but dying and spitting it right back out again in the winter.

Next, scientists have dug samples out of the ice near the North Pole to track what the atmosphere has been made of (as it deposited onto the ice in layers) over 650,000 years.
Here is what THEY found: (click for full-size)


Clearly, since we started industrializing, CO2 has shot off the scales.
Burning fossil fuels emits CO2 just exactly like the plants dying, so clearly we are making at least part of this spike happen… and quite obviously we are making the part happen that did NOT happen before we industrialized! LOOK at it!

Now, over the last 400 years, here is the correlation between CO2 and temperature.
Anyone can see that more CO2 leads to more temperature: (click for full-size)


And, as a result, here are the temperatures we are observing now: (click for full-size)


And, finally, according to the simulations (which HAVE been shown to exaggerate, but still get the general trend right), here is where we are going next: (click for full-size)


When this happens, coastlines will flood, we will move inland, the world will become more overpopulated, and we will have to deforest to survive on the scarcer remaining land, which will of course eliminate the trees that are helping absorb the CO2, and the chain reaction will spiral, damaging the planet for the children of the people that caused the disaster… and the animals that will be shoved into extinction by the overpopulation and deforestation of the scarcer land remaining.

The short-sighted greed continues:
Right now, oil drilling and exploration in Russia are moving ever-farther Northward… as the ice melts ever-farther north to allow it.

Our children will realize a lower quality of life than us, and will enjoy only a scarcer population of the varied animal species that I love to share this planet with.

So why do some people, (so commonly Libertarians or Republicans), DENY the UNDENIABLE?

That, I cannot say for sure, but I have a suspicion: (First, let me “clear the air” here: I’m a conservative Libertarian)
My suspicion is that as soon as these people hear about global warming, they instantly think two things:
1: If global warming is real, then the Government will regulate and tax CO2 emissions, thus restricting my freedoms!
2: If global warming is real, then I need to produce less CO2, which restricts my lifestyle!

The things I find so annoying about those viewpoints are:
1: Really, any such inconvenience now is negligible compared to the damage we are doing to the world for our children!
2: SACRIFICE our quality of life to live with low carbon!?!??! BS! We don’t need to SACRIFICE at all! We would live a HIGHER quality of life with LESS CO2 emissions!

We don’t need to give up the freedom of driving to preserve the planet… we just need to be SMARTER about it! Teslas run Ferraris into the ground with their performance, make other case feel like stink-pots to drive, don’t use a drop of gas, and are made in America! How is it GIVING UP quality of life to have a BETTER car? (OK fine they are still expensive FOR NOW, but this will change soon!)

We don’t need to give up the joy of using lots of electricity for whatever we want… Nuclear Power (and especially, soon, hopefully, Thorium Nuclear power) can give us all of the energy we could ever consume! And do so without polluting the air and flooding the Earth!

WHICH is a higher quality of life for us? Driving a stinking car through polluted air, or driving silently through clean air?

Perhaps you don’t believe that how we live makes a difference in the air?
Then look down 2 inches.

This is Bejing, almost every day:


China, to prepare for their stupid Military Parade day (Military Parades are stupid), shut down their factories and forced people to stop driving for a few weeks.
Here is what the city looked like after a few weeks without emissions:


The day after the parade, the factories and cars were allowed to start back up, and the city went right back to it’s usual disgusting self:


But we don’t need to STOP driving!
We don’t need to STOP manufacturing!

We just need to do these things in an environmentally responsible way… and Tesla is doing that while bringing leading-edge automotive technology back to the USA, and with Thorium Nuclear Power, we could do the same with energy.

And forget about yourself, reader, and think about your children… What is the quality of life you want to leave for them?
We need to fix this NOW. It took 50 years to uncover the lies of the Tobacco industry (their Presidents DENIED that cigarettes were ADDICTIVE! UNDER OATH!) We don’t have 50 years to stop the CO2 emissions. Elon Musk has started the first tiny little bit that we can do by making zero-emissions cars that give all other car atomic wedgies, and with a modernized Nuclear Power policy to feed the grid to charge them, we would be making huge steps in the right direction.