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December 18, 2013
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August 5, 2014
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I care

Is this an adventure?


But I am publishing it anyway, because I care. (And I will never eat at Jimmy-Johns… I would rather go hungry)

The grinning nitwit in this photo has just killed the amazing animal (on the endangered list in some areas) that he is holding.
How could you want to KILL an animal like that?

Did that leopard have cubs?


Here is the condition a local animal shelter found a dog in:


And here he is today. The person holding him, that helped nurse him back, is a prisoner that works at this shelter.

image 2

A multi-millionaire kills beautiful animals for fun. This prisoner helps them recover to be the partners that they want to be.

Forget your pre-conceptions and help, by giving to your local animal shelter. (Much of your purchase-price of X-Plane already goes to shelters in South Carolina!)