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March 2, 2015
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N844X Checklists

OK this one is boring, but if you like aircraft systems, then this might still interest you.
This is my operating checklist for N844X!
It just shows the various systems and stuff that we set each flight, so gives an idea of the systems that we use in this airplane.
My apologies if it is boring… Be warned, it is just a checklist!


gear handle down
flight controls free and correct
hydraulic valve vertical, fuel tank fullest, parking brake off
cabin door (with dump valve forwards!)
all 3 throttle handles AFT (but NOT beta!)


bat 1 and 2 ON
look for 3 green gear and hyd-sys pressurize
MFD soft-key to load
grab ATIS and set freqs
g1000 engine page look for 22V minimum
set fuel totalizer (170 max)

door seals ON
igniters ON
fuel pump ON (look for 38 PSI minimum on the MFD)
start switch ON
13% ng
look for oil pressure
condition lever to ground idle
yank condition lever if ITT exceeds 1000!
(800 is our continuous limit, 1000 is our 5-second limit)
starter release when the ITT comes down, be sure above 52% ng

If there is no lightoff within 10 seconds:
Pull the condition lever and ignition and starter.
Wait 30 seconds for fuel drain.
Dry-motor with fuel pump ON for lubrication for 15 seconds
Wait 60 seconds and try again.

generator ON
ignition and fuel OFF to see if the engine still runs

moritz: breaker control:
all lites ON to have those powered
HVAC ACTRS and CPCS ON for pressurization
HVAC OFF or AUTO as desired
check cabin alt and diff-p showing
prop forwards
lites ON


bleed air ON
autopilot switch ON (so ready for engage later! it takes time to boot!)
flaps for take-off
all 3 trims CENTERED
igniters ON
fuel pump ON
part sep and de-ice as reqd
onto the runway
1200 foot-pounds for take-off


gear UP, flaps UP
igniters OFF
fuel pump OFF (look for 18 psi on the MFD)
part sep OFF
see if pressurizing ok


see if pressurizing ok
o2 mask in lap, o2 pressure check
altimeters to 29.92


fuel qty and balance

let it finish POWER-UP BEFORE I engage it!
then, on engage, it will hold track and VVI
the underline indicates what the rotator will change

autopilot lateral:
GPSS to track Garmin
EXT to track remote heading

autopilot vertical:
ALT to hold CURRENT altitude, and dial the rotator to fine-tune it

clb: enter alt in Garmin and hit SEL PUSH PUSH (knob)
(first push confirms altitude, second push offers chance to change clb speed!)
(hit VVI button to switch to and weak VVI as desired)

desc: enter alt in Garmin and hit SEL PUSH (knob)
(first push confirms altitude)
(hit VVI button to weak VVI as desired)


fuel to fullest tank
igniters ON
fuel pump ON
lights ON
test brake pressure
flaps-1 below 160
gear below 150
flaps-2 below 140

after landing:

all anti-ice OFF
bleed air OFF
ignition OFF, but leave fuel pump ON for lubrication!

shut down:

stabilize at idle, OUT of beta!
feather and let prop slow down to feather rpm
generator OFF
fuel pump ON
condition OFF, let NG slow down to 10%
everything else OFF (batteries last of course)
hydraulic valve to bypass (horizontal) if there will be any towing