November 18, 2014
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January 11, 2015
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Recently I have pretty much stopped watching fiction as it is largely a waste of time.

We certainly don’t find out what is going on in the nation or the world from listening to the mainstream news media, which is just a mouth-piece for advertisers and political correctness. If we want to find out what is actually happening in the world, then we have to find out by listening to people that care… not people that simply want to maximize advertising revenue while adhering to the all-comsuming desperation for political correctness, as we see in the mainstream (so-called) “news” media.

Remember, the government, when passing a law, always asks two questions: “Is there anyone that might give money to my campaign that would hate this law? If so, then it cannot be passed.” and “Is this law politically incorrect? If so, then it cannot be passed.” I know, because I have seen it myself from the inside of law-making circles.

Remember, the media, when covering a story, always asks two questions: “Is there any advertiser that gives money to my network that would hate this story? If so, then it cannot be run.” and “Is this story politically incorrect? If so, then it cannot be run.” I know, because I have seen it myself from the inside of media circles.

So we cannot count on the (donor-elected) government or the (advertiser-supported) media to learn about what is going on in our nation. They represent the far-less-than-one-percent that feed them money.

So how do we find out what is going on?

Well, we can’t, as far as I can tell, but we CAN get some tiny little glimpses. Glimpses that happen whenever someone cares enough to tell the truth about something. But that is what has to happen: Someone has to care enough to tell the truth. Advertising cannot be part of the equation, or the truth is never told.

This is why you cannot get news from ANYONE that is paid by ADVERTISERS.

You have to get news from someone that cares about the truth instead.

To that end, I have been watching documentaries recently, instead of The Simpsons, CNN, or Fox news. (Each of which is about equally reputable for news delivery. Actually, I take that back. That was unfair to The Simpsons. At least The Simpsons ADMITS that it is just a platform for someones’ opinion.)

So, some incredible documentaries that you should really see, if you want to have your eyes opened:


This tells you what no network will ever tell you, since Sea World advertises, thus guaranteeing that you never hear about what this movie exposes. And it is FASCINATING.

Merchants of Doubt.

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC… they are all GARBAGE as far as I am concerned. This film exposes the fact that the so-called “Think Tanks” that POSE as scientists for these new outlets are just actors representing Exxon and other polluting companies. We know better than to listen to Exxon, so they hire people to pretend to be “Think Tanks” to fake a reputable position on all the major news networks.

Fed Up.

This exposes what the corporations that market our food do… and it is much worse than I ever could have guessed. The food industry does not want you to know this, and advertises heavily, so no network news organization will ever expose what Katie Couric exposes here. It’s incredibly relevant to our daily lives. The actions of the food mega-corporations have been overpowering enough to silence MICHELLE OBAMA.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Enron exposes in some amount of detail the gross, gross, gross mis-deeds of many in the investment industry.

The Queen of Versailles

The Queen of Versailles, while not exposing as much detail, shows the sickeningly absurd abuses that result from a financial system that seems to be designed by, and for, ass-hats.

Hot Coffee

Remember the lady that spilled McDonalds coffee on herself and was unjustly awarded MILLIONS???

No you don’t.

What you remember isn’t what happened at all.

What you remember is what the media told you.

But that ain’t what happened.

Hot Coffee shows you what REALLY happened, and continues to happen. Daily. Thousands of times.

Maxed Out

Not the most exciting one on the list here, but it contains a few things you might want to know about credit card companies.

The Imposter (2012)

This documentary is simply stunning.

It is so incredible that it is almost impossible to believe that it is true, but it is.

Running an unbelievable line between desperate and stupid, the people in this movie reveal the idiocy (or is it desperation?) that people can exhibit. Continuously. For months.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

OK this one is just silly and has little value to the Nation, but man oh man do I love it.

This is a true little story that proves the following: Art is Art if you enjoy it.

The first half of this movie is a bit slow, but bear with it: It builds to an incredible true ending that leaves me laughing.

If I can make X-Plane just for myself and realize my success, how could I not enjoy seeing an even crazier artist realize his?