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September 5, 2015
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June 14, 2016
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How They Lie to You

OK this is an unpleasant title and an unpleasant discussion compared to flying, but like:

->Thorium Nuclear Power (and it’s ability to save us),
->Patent-Trolling (and it’s current practice of lying for the purpose of blackmailing us),
->Tesla (and how it is LITERALLY FIXING the ‘un-fixable’ problems with cars),
->Space-X (and it’s imminent creation of affordable space travel),
-> (and it’s current practice of taking out stupid patents for the purpose of being able to sue people later),

it simply needs to be addressed, so I am addressing it.

Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC are, in certain ways, misleading you.

Here is how it works:
Exxon Mobile hires people that pretend to be “Think Tanks”, with vague names like “the Competitive Enterprise Institute”, “the Heartland Institute”, or “Climate Depot”.
Those people, now paid by Exxon or other oil companies, and pretending to be “Think Tanks”, go on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC to pretend that CO2 and temperature levels are not rising, despite the irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

This does a number of things:
It gives the news outlets stuff to put between commercials that requires no work or research from them.
It gives the news outlet a debate show, which always beings in viewers who think that they are being enlightened, when in fact they are only watching the oil companies try to discredit science.
It gives the oil companies puppets to speak through, which by disguising their identity, lends them false credibility. You would be very suspicious of an executive from Exxon Mobile denying Global warming… but what about someone from a “Think Tank”? What you don’t know is that these “Institutes” are funded by Exxon and other oil companies. That’s the way they mislead you, while hiding their own identity.

Specific examples:

on Fox News: Competitive Enterprise Institute
on CNN : Heartland Institute (James Taylor, who has almost no science degrees, but writes Global Warming Op-Eds CONSTANTLY)
on MSNBC: Heartland Institute (James Taylor, who has almost no science degrees, but writes Global Warming Op-Eds CONSTANTLY)
on Fox News: Climate Depot (Marc Morano, described below)
on CNN: Climate Depot (Marc Morano, described below)
on Rush Limbaugh: Climate Depot (Marc Morano, described below)

One of the most consistent deniers of Global Warming is Marc Morano of “Climate Depot”.
He appears a lot on Rush Limbaugh, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News to ridicule the scientists that have done the research to discover the rising CO2 levels and temperatures that we see now.

He publishes the email addresses of many of these scientists, which has resulted in thousands of emailed death threats to them and their families.

Actual quotes from Marc Morano, which you can see for yourself in the eye-popping new documentary “Merchants of Doubt” at about the one-hour mark:

“Yes, in fact we went after James Hansen and Michael Oppenhiemer and had a lot of fun with it!”
“I’m not a scientist, though I do play one on TV occasionally.. OK, hell, MORE than occasionally!”
“You go up against a scientist and most of them are going to be in their little … area of expertise, very hard to understand and hard to explain and very BOOOORRRRIING!”
“That’s what I enjoy the most is going after the individuals, because that’s where something lives or dies”.

When asked about publishing the emails of the scientists, effecting countless death threats against them and their families:

“This is one of my favorite topics! I got on ABC nightly news just because I posted emails!”
“I still do it, and I enjoy doing it.”
“The public is appropriately angry at these scientists.”
“I get death threats! I enjoy them!”
“Gridlock is the greatest friend a Global Warming skeptic has cause that’s all you really want cause we’re the negative force… we’re just trying to STOP stuff.”

If you don’t believe me, you can see it all on camera yourself in “Merchants of Doubt“, a new documentary that exposes this insanity. Marc gleefully almost screams everything I quoted him above as saying at about the one-hour mark in the film. And he is one of the most-seen “skeptics” in the mainstream media that screams opposition to the actual scientists… while publicizing their emails so others can threaten their lives.

So if you find yourself watching Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, or many other main-stream media outlets, then remember the above: The person from the so-called “Think Tank” that is screaming arguments against the scientists is, in at least many cases, someone with no science background, funded by Exxon or other oil companies, and in at least some cases loves publishing the emails of scientists to their followers so that thousands of death threats ensue… for exposing scientific observations of CO2 concentrations and temperature readings.