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March 4, 2019
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April 24, 2019
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7:00 AM B-17 to Augusta

So there I was, coding X-Plane and Xavion same as always when I learned that a B-17 was touring the SouthEast and stopping into my local airport to give rides!


Their next stop was Augusta GA, so with a little favor-trading I got to ride along to the next stop!

More than a little fun to tell my wife: “Hey I’m going out to the airport to run the 7:00 AM B-17 out to Augusta… I’ll see you when I see you!” and run out the door with nothing but a credit card, a blind faith in being able to find rental cars anywhere, and a B-17 waiting at the airport to run me to the next stop! BOYS DAY OUT!!!!

Pics below:

War reporter Austin Meyer rides along with the boys to the front line, keeping track of the efforts of our boys overseas!!!