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March 11, 2015
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March 23, 2015
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Patent-Trolling Victims


Being sued for “Patent Infringement” by a company called Uniloc for USING technology provided to me by Google, I have become aware of the how the Patent System in this Country ACTUALLY works, and am making a documentary to expose it.

So, have YOU been sued by a Patent Assertion Entity, and would you like to be in my documentary that exposes what Patent Assertion Entities do? If so, please contact me at austin@X-Plane.com, and I will line up an interview with you.

I am flying around the country in N844X with a film crew, interviewing people for my documentary. Even if you are under non-disclosure agreement, you can still contact me to be interviewed if you are simply allowed to say “I have been sued for Patent Infringement, and am not allowed to talk about what happened after that.” Even THAT will be useful part of this documentary (we will have a montage of such people in the intro).

(To those of you reading this that have NOT been sued by a Patent Troll: Defending yourself against a Patent Infringement lawsuit costs about $3,000,000, and takes about 3 years. Since few can afford that, 97% of the people being sued SETTLE, paying the Patent Troll an average of about $300,000. With that settlement comes something called a “Non-Disclosure Agreement”, which specifies THAT THE PERSON BEING FRIVOLOUSLY SUED IS NEVER ALLOWED TO TELL ANYONE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM. This, of course, is one of the reasons that Patent Trolling continues: Those whose lives and businesses are ruined by it are not allowed to TELL anyone what happened!)

So, the vast majority of people that have been sued for Patent Trolling are under non-disclosure agreements, and therefore not allowed to tell anyone what happened! Even THAT is useful information, though, so if you are a Patent Trolling victim that is under NDA, but can at least say that you were sued, and are not allowed to talk about what happened next, then I can still use that in the documentary, so please do still contact me at austin@X-Plane.com to line up your interview. (Remember, lawsuits are of public record! They are publicly filed and and can therefore be found and exposed.)

We have already started shooting, and are lining up more shooting schedules now, so please email me ASAP to get on the schedule.

Thanks, and to all patent-trolling victims, I hope to hear from you soon! This documentary is going to open peoples’ eyes.