February 7, 2015
February 23, 2015
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This is an actual Patent:

Reality alternate
WO 2011149558 A3
The invention reconceptualizes current and new technology to provide an Alternate “human success” Reality – the “Expandaverse”- in which individual personal success and economic prosperity are accelerated and expanded. This “Alternate Reality” includes reconceptualized machines, devices, systems, personal identities, networks, infrastructure, etc. that comprise an Alternate Reality Teleportal Machine (ARTPM). In some examples the glass window is reinvented as a digital “Teleportal” (TP) that turns the world and near-space outside the Earth into one room (the Teleportal Machine or TPM), with direct “always on” access to a plurality of people, places, tools, entertainment, etc. Exceeding the many new fiction concepts that required later inventing to became real, it is an object of this ARTPM to enable the new engineering concept that human digital reality is created and chosen and not mandated, to initiate an Expandaverse of collective and personal aspirations:”lf you want a better reality, choose it and enjoy it.”

I am not joking: This is a real patent.

The author of this Patent, Abelow H Daniel, is the author of four other patents, all of which are owned by a company called LodSys, which sues many small businesses for “patent infringement”. (Patent defense costs run about three million dollars).

You can learn more about LodSys here, and about how a judge in the Eastern District of Texas has allowed LodSys to continue suing small businesses indefinitely.

If you are ever wonder whether Patents describe some great invention, and form the justification for suing people that are working for a living… just read the Patent above. It is real.