February 7, 2015


So I am spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and years of my life trying to prove that Uniloc did not invent a […]
March 31, 2015

No Gas

It’s always easy to ADD MORE STUFF to a design. The HARD part is TAKING STUFF AWAY. I remember the first time I saw X-Plane, and […]
September 3, 2015

The Thorium Solution

On September 12, 1932, a man named Leo Szilard was wanted to walk across the street in London. But the “walk” light across the street was […]
September 5, 2015

Global Warming

Since 1958, scientist Charles Keeling has been measuring atmospheric CO2 levels from an observatory on Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Those measurements are still going on today. Here […]
September 6, 2015

How They Lie to You

OK this is an unpleasant title and an unpleasant discussion compared to flying, but like: ->Thorium Nuclear Power (and it’s ability to save us), ->Patent-Trolling (and […]