Deep into the Corona Virus Pandemic, I’m making videos on Xavion, Airfoil-Maker, Plane-Maker, and X-Plane. These are fairly-comprehensive videos that explain how to use these Apps. You can find them all on YouTube, and here are the links, which I will add to over time!

Watch the X-Plane Tutorial series: 

Watch the Control Pad demo:

Watch the Xavion demo series:

Watch the Patent Scam documentary series:

Full Video Catalogue:

Airfoil-Maker Tutorials:
Airfoil-Maker 1: Airfoil Theory
Airfoil-Maker 2: Airfoil Selection
Airfoil-Maker 3: Using Airfoil-Maker

Plane-Maker Tutorials:
Plane-Maker 1: AUTHOR window!
Plane-Maker 2: VIEWPOINT window!
Plane-Maker 3: LIMITS window!
Plane-Maker 4: PANEL window!
Plane-Maker 5-1: Engines window, Engines tabs!
Plane-Maker 5-2: Engines window, Props tabs
Plane-Maker 5-3: Engines window, Jets tabs
Plane-Maker 5-4: Engines window, Additional tabs
Plane-Maker 6: Systems window
Plane-Maker 7: Wings windows
Plane-Maker 8: Fuselage!

Xavion Demos:
Xavion demo in a Lancair Evolution.
Total GPS failure in a Lancair Evolution.
PT-6 engine start in N844X with Austin Meyer

The Control Pad Demo

The Patent Scam Documentary:
The Patent Scam Intro
I am being sued, in East Texas, for using Google