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February 1, 2015
February 9, 2015
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So I am spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and years of my life trying to prove that Uniloc did not invent a certain idea that I can only interpret as looking up a name on a list (according the United States Trademark and Patent Office, it is perfectly reasonable for them to assert that they did, and I must prove otherwise or sign over some unknown fraction my work to Uniloc). This ridiculous argument is being made at huge cost both to myself and to the tax-payers who pay for these cases to move through the Federal Courts: Patent Litigation, costing in the BILLIONS per year, is one of the major sucks of resources in the Federal Court system… and about SIXTY SEVEN PERCENT of the Patent Infringement cases filed are filed by those that do NOT actually create any goods or services themselves! Patent Trolls are responsible for the largest share of cases sucking tax dollars in the Federal Court System!

Last year, a Patent Trolling reform bill was approved by the house with a 97% approving vote!
But it still was never put to a vote in the Senate, so the bill died.

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) killed the patent reform bill on Wednesday morning.” “Reid shut the process down from on high, making sure patent trolling will continue to flourish.”

So the Nation is trillions of dollars in debt. Government corruption, waste, and racism are rampant (Hate crime legislation says that if one person attacks another without justifiction, then the Government KNOWS what TRULY matters: RACE!). The law is such an absurd tangled mess that there is not even a single person on Earth that even KNOWS what the law IS. Our tax code is such that liars and cheaters are rewarded with lower taxes, free-loaders are actually PAID MONEY to do NOTHING but sit in their government-sponsored housing, while the honest and successful bear the lions share of the tax burden… a burden that STILL cannot meet the Federal Governments’ waste of money, so the Federal Government is burying our CHILDREN in the debt that results! The incompetence of the Federal Government results in debt whose INTEREST will be paid by our CHILDREN… which of course lasts FOREVER since our taxes never touch the DEBT. We just pay the INTEREST. Forever.

As we mire in debt, racism, incompetence, routine welfare payments made to those that contribute NOTHING, with an energy policy that is warming the Earth to the point that it will soon be flooded, INDIA is developing the Thorium Nuclear Power that will someday save the Earth. CHINA is developing the space program that will someday replace our obsolete program.

In the face of this INSANITY, what is our Government doing?

Well, here is a tiny glance at Harry Reid, the leader of the Democrats:

Unable to pull on a rubber band without hurting himself, he congratulates the Democrats for passing “Terrorism Insurance” (this is a law that would require the tax-payers to pay money to insurance companies if the terrorists come back), and winds up with:

“Why should we be dealing with issues that have nothing to do with homeland security? Nothing to do with homeland security?”

HOW could anyone vote someone like that into office?
HOW could the Federal Government let this continue to happen? HOW???