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July 26, 2000
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July 26, 2002
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OK I just got back from New York city (September 28, 2001… 17 days too late) and I took a digital camera with me to record some images foryou… and here they are:

We will start with the most obvious, which needs no explanation.

These bridges are not found in too many places on Earth…

The huge building rising over the older ones is my favorite in the city. It is tricky to tell from this photo, but it slopes gently out near its base.

Here it is as seen from within Central Park.

A large field in Central Park. There are many of them.

Here is a pond with radio-controlled sailboats in Central Park.

Another area in Central Park.. it is filled with cool little spots like this and the ones above.

From a little observation area in Central Park.

This is a cobblestone walkway that goes all the way around Central Park… it is tree-lined and goes for miles and miles!

Needs no comment.

The “Jerry Seinfeld” neighborhood. Many neighborhoods like this go on for many miles.

Broadway at night:

Two cool buildings: