Xavion-installed flight-test

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Xavion is available on the App Store now, and runs on iPads and iPhone to back up the avionics in the cockpit of your real airplane.

This is all well and good, but the really exciting thing I am doing now is working to make Xavion the full avionics suite of this aircraft!

ava-1 copy.JPG

Now, Xavion must surely be converted to a rugged Linux hardware platform before installation in the airplane!

But conversion to Linux will be one of the last steps since I work so much more quickly on the iPads.

So how do I start testing these avionics before the Linux port is done?

Well, the answer is pretty obvious: Just tun the avionics on an iPad for now, to let me test in flight in my airplane until the Linux port is done and we are installed in the real bird!

The iPad has the GPS, gyros, accelerometers, and and weather-download capability (when connected to a portable ADS-b receiver) to emulate MOST of the input from the final system, so it really requires almost no special code at all to simply test the ‘installed’ version of Xavion in flight in my Evolution! 

And here is what it looks like!