428X for Sale

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Well, I can NOT own two airplanes at once, so I am having to sell 428X.

If anyone wants a single-owner, always-hangared, meticulously-maintained Columbia-400 (I think we are asking $409k for it), then email me!

I am including the PulseOximeter Oxygen Conserver, and emergency gear that stays in the back (good to have in emergency, and also makes the plane feel nice in the flare), at no additional charge (not sure if anyone else is including these extras with their plane, but these things really help utilize the airplane, since the oxygen conserver triples or quadruples your oxygen range, and the emergency gear in the back gives a nice safety benefit, and really helps the plane feel right in the flare. Without the emergency gear in the back, the nose feels sort of heavy in the flare).

Also this is one of the last Columbias built in the USA, right before Cessna stupidly moved production to Mexico, where they had a wing-skin literally just come loose in flight due to poor construction quality in Mexico. So if you want one of the GOOD ones, this is the newest one you will find!


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