I wrote the flight simulator X-Plane, which lets you enter the aircraft of YOUR dreams into your computer and then.. FLY IT!

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I wrote Xavion to back up the instruments in the cockpit of any airplane, and provide engine-failed emergency gliding paths if the engine in my plane ever quits!

It has already saved my bacon in a partial engine failure and complete pitot-static failure!

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The Patent Scam

I was sued by a Patent Troll for USING THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE. The Troll claimed to own the idea of computers sharing information to purchase software.

Patent Trolls file patent on blatantly obvious ideas that are often decades or centuries old, typically add the words “…but now, on a computer!” to the patent to pretend they are the first person to think of the idea, and then start the business of suing people!

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A recent comment on the YouTube video: “Just FYI, Nike goes to apparel expos, scouts out other peoples ideas and then patents them and sues the original inventors. I know I was in the industry. Don’t buy Nike.”

Suing South Carolina

Teslas run faster than Ferraris, safer than Volvos, quieter than Rolls Royces, are made in America, and oh yah: They don’t use gas.

And, in South Carolina, where I live: It is ILLEGAL for Tesla to sell one. Why?

Would it surprise you to learn that car DEALERS, who import gas-burners that occasionally burn their occupants to death after crashes, have convinced the legislature to ban Tesla or anyone else selling better cars directly to the consumers? Well, they have, and I’m suing the state of South Carolina to overturn the obviously-un-constitutional ban on buying the safest, quietest, fastest cars in the world.


Here is the airplane I built to get around!

Homebuilt, 850 hp, Mach 0.50 cruise for 1,200 miles on a tank of gas… not bad!

See the build logs HERE.

See a cool engine-start HERE.


What are some of the most annoying things about airplanes other than everything about airline travel?

The fact they they use so darn much FUEL and RUNWAY! THESE are the things that we are trying to solve at Beta. Meet Ava. This airplane is electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing. No gas. We are still holding many details close, but the web site is HERE. A few stories here and here.


I have a good bit of Ferrari track-driving experience, and want to communicate what it is like to drive this type of car at speed.

But on a track of our dreams (or nightmares, as would surely be the case for most).

The physics are as accurate as X-Plane, and I have never driven a driving sim that feels more like a real Ferrari or Corvette.

For iPhones and iPads, try it out HERE!

Meyer/Finlay Pet Adoption Center

I like animals more than people.

So I helped fund some Pet Adoption Centers, such as the

Meyer/Finlay Pet Adoption Center


Thiel/Meyer Pet Adoption Center

Meyer Scholar at Saint Paul’s School

If you live in South Carolina and want to go to the most amazing school that I can imagine, then check out Saint Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire!

I went there and it was just the most amazing place I have ever been, period.

To help, I helped fund the Meyer Scholar full-ride scholarship, so you can go without worrying about money.

And now… CATS!